Putting a number to my current stress level

I was recently asked to partake in a self-care inventory pertaining to my stress level. The inventory template was designed and developed in 1967 by two psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rache. The study was done to know if stress is a contributor to physical illness.

My immediate thoughts after completing the inventory was quite shocking given the fact that I had just returned from vacation. However, it was truly enlightening to see how stress can potentially be measured percentage wise within the next few years of one’s life. I scored in the high 200’s of which indicates a 50% chance of my having a stress-induced health problem. The ironic part to all of this, I had a sense that I was becoming highly stressed and needed to make some life altering changes soon. This test just confirms my suspicions.

I thought I would give those who may interested a chance to know their possible stress-induced health issue within the next few years. The following are links to taking the inventory and to learning more about the development of the inventory: The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory and The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale: Understanding the Impact of Long-term Stress.

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Window pain…

A window pane has a comparison to the pain one must pass through for rebirth into a renewed life. The window pane is clear, one can see through to the other side but the barrier or the pane of glass is a facade. I believe the pain from past hurts that one holds on to creates an illusion of security. There is complacency in pain because one begins to think that it is easier to remain punished from the past. If we think of the window pane as the past and what is seen on the other side of the pane are our desires, I think the passing through would not last long. Pass through the pain, it will not last long. The suffering or worse pain is staying in the contemplation stage without ever moving through the pain.

I believe one must cut through the glass or break it to be reborn into a new way of living. The ironic part is how thin the window pane is this in comparison to the reality of how thin pain is from past hurts.

One can see through the glass their hearts desire but one does not want to endure the small amount of pain to get there. Pain does not last always. In pain you find relief. Passing through the pain brings forth a much greater gain, peace.


Men want the illusion of a perfect woman whereas women know this is not entirely possible. However women will create the illusion for the man’s approval of which ultimately leads to the demise of the female’s confidence.

Perfect is you. You are perfect as you are. We are all designed to be as we are for a purpose. My issue with this omnipotent fact is why continue to subject yourself to the chaos of the illusion. It is said no one is perfect but I ask who are we to define perfect? There is no cookie cutter for perfection. We are all perfect in our own individual way.