Although a person can’t fight another person’s battle, you can offer support but only quality support not depleted or sub-par support. Minding your OWN business & focusing on ways to strengthen yourself, preferably through obtaining knowledge & life experiences creates space to foster quality support techniques. The goal is to become strong enough to help others without judgement. Its almost as if you’re building up enough power or energy to deal with those who would benefit from your gifts. Also, it is best to have a support mechanism for yourself, such as an elder or maybe even a professional that you can go to and release some of your unnecessary energy. A person can get bogged down by trying to take on others battles, purely out of love for that person but its counterproductive if you don’t gird your own strength first.



“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” ― Nikola Tesla

Being Me

People call me weird
People say I’m crazy
Some people say I’m outgoing
Others say I’m brave
I say, I am me as I am and as shall always be
I’m me
I love being me
I love you
I love being me as I am so that I can love you for you
I am me
So with that being said, please know this….
I genuinely love others with my entire being.
It gives me life to love.
I truly truly seriously do love you…..


Relationship Evolution Concept

It is apparent that we are evolving. Being that it may, so are our relationships. The traditional marital governed relationship is not the same because of our individual evolution. 

I have noticed that most of us are still desiring the traditional hierarchy type of marriage or relationship but it not likely to happen because of individual evolution. Therefore, relationships need to evolve as well in effort to be successful.

The traditional hierarchy of marriage is no longer warranted for today’s life occurrences. In my experience, a relationship based in spirituality is necessary for current life situations.

I believe that catering 1st to our own spiritual growth will bring forth a suitable mate when it is the right time. Focusing on non-physical concepts rather than the physical aspect of oneself will create an atmosphere for a mate of ones desire. I say this because the physical hierarchy notion of God, man, woman, & child is not capable of surviving current times.

In my experience, the only way to having a successful heart and soul type of relationship is to truly love oneself as unconditionally as one desires from another.