Stimulus and Response: The Gap

I am finally beginning to understand the depth of the importance pertaining to the gap between “stimulus and response”. In that gap between being stimulated or in some cases being forced to respond, there is power to choose. Those choices create opportunities to grow wiser. My family and close friends have heard me reiterate a similar message relation to one reaping the benefits of one’s choice. I am reminded that when we are stimulated, especially by force, there is a gap, and unfilled space regardless of the measurement. In that space, there is power to decide a course of action before responding. However, keep in mind your chosen response reaps a consequence.

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As we know consequence can last a lifetime for you and your family for generations. In effort to ensure maximum benefits from that gap of opportunity, one must be consistent in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual renewal processes. These dimensions are key to one operating at optimum effectiveness in all areas of life.


Putting a number to my current stress level

I was recently asked to partake in a self-care inventory pertaining to my stress level. The inventory template was designed and developed in 1967 by two psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rache. The study was done to know if stress is a contributor to physical illness.

My immediate thoughts after completing the inventory was quite shocking given the fact that I had just returned from vacation. However, it was truly enlightening to see how stress can potentially be measured percentage wise within the next few years of one’s life. I scored in the high 200’s of which indicates a 50% chance of my having a stress-induced health problem. The ironic part to all of this, I had a sense that I was becoming highly stressed and needed to make some life altering changes soon. This test just confirms my suspicions.

I thought I would give those who may interested a chance to know their possible stress-induced health issue within the next few years. The following are links to taking the inventory and to learning more about the development of the inventory: The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory and The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale: Understanding the Impact of Long-term Stress.

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Hurt people hurt people

Those who choose to wallow in emotional pain from past experiences…

There is a time in ones life when one must choose to wallow in pain & misery or move forward & work through it. Those who choose to live in emotional pain from past experiences are stagnate in life. The wheels are spinning but they’re going nowhere. Hurt people do not want to hurt alone. They will hurt others just to see or feel pain in them too. Hurt people never want to be alone not even their pain.

Those of us who are capable of or not afraid of loving individuals as they are, have a duty to love hurt people the most. Sometimes the expression of love needs to be at a distance or through a conduit such as another person or show love to them every chance possible.

A mean acting individual is, in most cases, crying out for help and love. Find a way to express love and show gratitude in any small accomplishments.